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The BMA has been campaigning consistently and vociferously in defence of GPs and their staff over the summer with the Support Your Surgery campaign to get the backing of patients, to make the changes to Primary Care that are so urgently needed and to help them understand why we still need to work in the way we have been working, primarily to protect them from infection.  Please continue to show your support by signing the Support Your Surgery petition and sharing it with colleagues, friends, and families.  The petition is just one element of the campaign, but is a way of putting pressure on the Government to properly support General Practice.

The BMA has produced a GP campaign factsheet (PDF, 137KB) that can be used to rebut the misinformation being published in the media and to proactively include in social media posts, letters to the local press, or MPs.  Please do all you can to help us defend and support General Practice at this critical time.

Further information regarding the Support Your Surgery campaign is available at

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